The Westervelt Company owns & manages a containerized seedling nursery & improved seed orchard as part of its regeneration strategy. Containerized seedlings are grown on tables in plastic containers with an intact root plug as compared to bareroot seedlings grown in a nursery field bed. Containerized seedlings have shown gains in height & volume over bareroot seedlings & have a higher survival rate than bareroot seedlings. Containerized seedlings are planted on The Westervelt Company's most productive land. The Westervelt Company currently grows 1,800,000 containerized loblolly seedlings with plans to expand that number to more than 5,000,000 in the very near future.

The Westervelt Company manages 17 acres of 2.5 generation improved loblolly pine seed orchard. The orchard will provide enough seed to meet The Westervelt Company's annual reforestation needs. A portion of the seed will be grown at the containerized nursery & some will be sent to external bareroot nurseries to produce bareroot seedlings. The Westervelt Company currently plants 6,500,000 seedlings annually.

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