The Wood Flow Process is responsible for maximizing the stumpage revenue from company land and increasing the return on investment from Westervelt Lumber through quality assurance and cost control.

Wood Flow is charged with cutting the yearly harvest and thin schedules. Timber from company forests and purchased stumpage are harvested by PLM-trained loggers following all company and state best management practices. Wood products are merchandised from these tracts to their highest and best use markets. Each tract is harvested in a manner that meets all environmental regulations and ensures the forest productivity for future generations.

Westervelt Lumber relies on Wood Flow to ensure product specifications and inventory levels are met at the Moundville sawmill operation. Weekly wood orders ensure inventory levels are maintained and wood quality issues are held to a minimum. Our contract logging operations are a vital partner in the total wood flow operation. We work closely with these operations to maximize their productivity and manage the cost associated with timber harvesting.

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